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Capitalizing on Adaptive Reuse in Commercial Real Estate

Posted on: Oct 10 17

by: admin

Back in 1870, a group from Chicago came west to establish a site with an informative–if somewhat uninspiring–name: The Chicago-Colorado Colony. These intrepid souls sold colony “memberships” to bring new people in, a somewhat curious enterprise that laid the foundations for a rich history of entrepreneurial thinking. By the summer of 1871 the growing town was renamed Longmont (#Longmont!). An agricultural economy quickly took root (pardon the pun); the first flour mills opened in 1872, the first cannery in 1889, followed by a sugar beet factory and, by 1903, the Great Western Sugar Company.

145 years later, Longmont’s downtown real estate still holds the spirit, and in some cases the architecture, of those early industrious days. Of course, all this segues to a spanking new modern trend: adaptive reuse. Adaptive reuse simply means repurposing an old or historical site to fill a modern need. It allows businesses to leverage space and character that already exists: a potential boon to designs, budgets, and conservation efforts.

For some very cool examples of adaptive reuse, check out this link:

Here’s one of our listings that’s primed for adaptive reuse: 611 2nd Avenue, Longmont, opened in 1910 as a carriage house. Carriages were driven through its large maw and lifted via hand-drawn elevator (think thick ropes and strong muscles) to the second floor for storage. This was Longmont’s first true garage. Of late, the building’s held an auction house and flooring company. It’s in the path of growth now, which makes it an especially promising investment—and one with a century’s worth of stories to tell.

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